Photo by Yanapi Senaud on Unsplash

Kahve, coffee, cafe… does it matter?

Aromatic to awake the senses,

Hot or cold, enjoyed either way,

Vital to start the day with one,

Ecstatic to enjoy a good cup!

Thank you for the challenge Sevgi Ikinci

I often think we live in a world where the truth is blurred by images and impressions; in a world where we don’t search for the significance behind what we hear, the meaning behind what we see!

We are all too ‘busy’ to focus, to query, to doubt, to challenge! Digital technology is largely to blame. Information in our digital world is abundant and easily accessible; a blessing! Much of what reaches our screens is determined by algorithms; a curse!

Communication is easy but poor! We text rather than write, we chat rather than talk! We often hide behind our…

A self-reflection

With the announcement that my community was going into lockdown for several weeks, I was demoralised. Being forced into such a novel situation at very short notice was intimidating. My mind was overwhelmed by unknowns and questions on how I would manage and the feeling of no control over the situation made it even more difficult.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I remembered the day when, as a six-year-old, I entered the grounds of primary school for the very first time, riddled by uncertainty and apprehension. …

For You

You may have drifted away

Like a bird flown afar

But I can feel your flutter in my heart

You may be disappearing in the horizon

Like the setting sun

But I can feel your warmth in my soul

You may be elusive

Like rain water dripping down a window

But I can feel you on my cheeks

Valerie Housseini

amateur writer | professional dreamer | perpetual thinker | occasional philosopher | art explorer |

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